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Shopfronts, Scaffolding & Cafes…

It was 4 years ago – in 2014 – that I was able to create a-blog-post-a-day during April for NaPoWriMo – the National Poetry Writing Month;
I posted 30 days’ worth of 17 syllable haikus (with accompanying photographs) in OTTP Haiku City.
In the 28 months when I didn’t manage to publish any posts on this OTTP blog: Person is Not a Rude Word, I did (happily) manage to get my painful hands to assemble 2 photo books – one each July – in time to give as a gift to my mother for her August birthday.
These photo books can be viewed online from the links below.
I’m plotting to lazily borrow 3 seventeen-syllable mini proems from ‘Haiku City’ to introduce them…
Or, I could proverbially preamble that Spring has finally sprung, folk are sitting out in cafes, building owners have more scaffolding put in place, tourists are arriving and window shopping...

Nah!  I’ll stick with the haikus.


cafe, shop & poles – Hove

So to introduce  the macro and the micro of out-and-about luxury snacking, plus poles, planks and clamps

‘The Cafe Thing & Scaffolding’ photo book 
here are

Haiku No. 6

spiced, glazed, hot cross buns
blur distinctions ‘twixt bakers
and sacred prasad


Haiku No. 24

scaffolding festish:
heavy metal therapy
for Aspie persons


And to introduce the pictorial tribute to my self-confessed secondhand / cut-price shopaholism

‘shops R us’ photo book

here is

Haiku No. 12

purchasing power:
sifting through charity shops’
bargains for the soul


Halloween shopfront, Brighton



Let Them Eat Cake…

celophane-wrapped and beribboned chocolate cake on BUCFP beverage counter

celophane-wrapped and beribboned chocolate cake on BUCFP beverage counter

To borrow the apparently incorrect &/or misquoted hackneyed phrase of the late Marie Antoinette… the latest ‘foodshare’  (for those nearer &/or on the bread line) that I’ve encountered was this past Tuesday: following the usual very good, hot vegan lunch at Brighton Unemployed Centre and Families Project (I volunteer on/for their food-growing allotments), a dark chocolate cake – lavishly decorated with thick slabs of chocolate – was cut into many small pieces and shared by the usual mixed bunch lunch crowd.  Said cake was the offering to the Centre by the uber chocolatiers of East Sussex fame, namely Choccywoccydoodah.  Not able to afford their delicacies normally – but well used to snapping images of same through their shop windows – this was a shared treat to savour with my mug of Ovaltine: ‘Yum’ in a word!

Such treats – shared (aren’t potlucks always the best feasts?) or solitary fare – are a luxurious indulgence to calorifically-dumb-down my Aspie angsty and/or  hyper-adrenalised or downward-dumps days… a dose of which was gladly ‘needed’ last Tuesday in the throws of the stresses of now (not-viewing-exhibitions but) co-curating the ‘Brighton Trans*formed’ multi-media-multi-venue exhibition due to hit the streets of our Gender-Dysphoria-by-the-Sea City in time for Trans* Pride No.2, the last weekend of July 2014…

Since the About-This-Blog statement promises “a celebration of all things aesthetically pleasing, often edible and in-the-main inanimate”  it seemed high time to slideshow-share some more often-edible-but-questionably-inanimate cake-y offerings devoured by sight, smell and taste senses over the past 10-or-so months… (with captions for visually-impaired and blind sweet-toothed folk)

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The food, the fad & the fussy…


gorgeous gastro ice cream parlour offerings at Gelato Gusto
in the North Laine, Brighton

Since munching on such healthy edibles as just-picked tomatoes, sun-dried apple slices, raw carrot and courgette slices and dried mulberries at the BUC allotment last Monday lunchtime, my eating habits this week took a helter=skelter trajectory…

Monday afternoon saw me heading off to be a solidarity presence at the 23rd September Bi-visibility Day celebration in an artisan ice cream parlour. The bi-folk were somewhat invisibly tucked away in the back room (their pink&purplish clothing camouflaging the ice cream tubs) as I tucked into my all-day-breakfast ice cream experience – a cone with double scoop: smokey bacon and maple syrup waffle and African berry coulis yoghurt flavours… Yum!

A Trans* Alliance meeting, teatime on Wednesday afternoon, required chocolate digestive biscuit (just-the-one) as the tea was ‘too wet without one’ – and the T* talk a tad dry…

By Friday, I was indulging the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan cancer nursing: a cappuccino alongside my friend’s home=baked iced ginger cake was a modest-ish elevenses on that morning; but Friday evening through to Saturday tea time (prepping for and attending Queer in Brighton photography workshop) witnessed me quality-control-testing WBCM’s samples of white chocolate cheesecake, carrot and pineapple cake, pound cake, 2 varieties of chocolate brownie, coffee and walnut cake  – plus my own=baked malted sesame flapjack… Eek!

The body is now crying out for 5-a-Day fruit & vegetable nourishment. So, this Sunday morning, in preparation, I whipped-up a little ‘harvest fest’ fotovideo of non-sugar/non-fat greengrocery and allotment comestibles to wet my taste bud neurones’ appetites…

Tomorrow: celery and pepper casserole, here we come (but perhaps fewer ‘good works’ this week)…

[ Soundtrack:  ‘The G, the B & the U’ courtesy Hugo Montenegro ]