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haikus have their say…


… after an absence of 6 weeks & more – due to non-network connectivity / wifi-lessness (and that not due to storm nor mobile battery failure), here now a gentle return to blog-fullness (something akin to Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic mindfulness) with a haiku or two (or 8) from a writing group session’s escape from the weather (but there’s no climate change without climate change)…


snow (not hail) from last February…

hailstones clattering
thru blue green and magenta
icing cyclamen

sibling’s marmalade
jogs buttery memory
Sunday school breakfast

flailing writers’ pens,
conbobulated mindsets:
blown cobwebs away…


approaching the fated (& fêted) Dawlish, south Devon…

hurricane’d landslide
renders asunder journey’d
“outstanding beauty”…

rain daggers stabbing
steamy fingerprint window
seals in escapist

oatmeal biscuits dunked
sweet tea break from stuffy space:
calorific flight!

and inspired by tutor-given text  [  mountain,  snow,  tree,  flower,  moon ]
and the Lego film poster at bus stop …


cheating with morn (not moon) light here…

net curtain moon spill:
nylon white petals flower
naked black elm twigs

snow mountain goddess,
square Lego head deity’s
plastic Zen practice