About this TGQI Person: Pt 2…

And so for more about this TGQI/TIS Person… 

HP! JACMAP (Help Please! Just Always Call Me A Person)

But not just yet:  it’s back to the TGQI (trans genderqueer intersex) acronym for now…

I have identified firstly as an androgyne (an ‘andro’ = equivalent of guy/gal), then also as transgenderqueer, plus stated that I am ‘electively hermaphroditic’ (but never used the acronym EH…)  And now – in the fifth year of FtM (female-towards-male) transitioning  – I have adopted the term TIS (transintersexual).  I do so with some trepidation because I am aware that it is undoubtedly a luxury – or privilege – for me (as a P(u)AGFB – person (unquestioningly) assigned gender female at birth) to state that my physiology/body ‘should have been’ intersexed (hermaphroditic) and that I ‘should have been able’ to grow up dual-gendered…

There are some remote(ish) global locations where those born to – or grown into –  I = intersex conditions are accepted as dual-gendered and their society’s infrastructure and culture cater for their male-femaleness.  However, usually intersex persons are hidden within society having been assigned either male or female identity and put through medical (hormonal and surgical) procedures to create a singular physiology that was ‘outside’ of the individual’s control – in infancy or pre-adulthood.

An intersex person may grow up feeling that the ‘wrong’ physiology and gender were chosen for them and that they need to transition – and thus may identify themselves as trans MTF or FTM or other  transgender identity – on the TGQI spectrum.  It is very possible that non-trans intersex persons would prefer to see TGQI written (or spoken) as TGQ&I (or TGQ-I) to reflect the non-elective and unrecognised status that they hold in our society and its infrastructure and culture (but that too is others’ issue)…

It’s still an OMGG:G… (oh my good grief: genderitis…) situation
– and will continue to be so until awareness and normalisation – plus acceptance – of transgender and intersex issues are generally established…  But from now on,  I hope U R getting why my blog ‘identifies’ as PINARW (Person Is Not a Rude Word):  you just can’t go wrong with PERSON!  Person is the absolutely Right Word for all HOAVs (Humans of Any Variables)…

[As for the sexuality ‘thang’: PS = Person-Specific seems a hopeful choice for the future…]

There are others who have expressed themselves more eruditely on issues of GV (gender variant)  identity – and politics – and I recommend some links to their writings / speech below…

And I wish you GLAD-ness  =  (Good Luck Acronym-Digesting)


[at least non-GB / non-UK Europeans can ‘blame’ the USA for the acronym trend…]

Thanks for reading this!    Luc(e) x

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