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Grow : Wellbeing in Nature…



For eight weeks – from August to October – I had the incredible privilege of participating on a course of consecutive Thursdays spent in beautiful South Downs countryside.  It was the twentieth ‘season’ of the Grow Project’s wellbeing in Nature courses, known affectionately by all as Grow20.  This highly-effective immersion in ‘the green’ was hugely beneficial for my mental health; as a person with Asperger Syndrome, being out in the expansive space made relating with others much easier.

These courses have been funded and supported by several partner organisations: the National Trust, University of Brighton,  South Downs National Park Authority, the City’s Council – and Big Lottery Fund.  They are based at National Trust-owned Saddlescombe Farm and facilitated by Grow’s paid and volunteer workers, by NT rangers and the tenant sheep farmers, Camilla & Roly: on the farm, in the garden and orchard; out and about on the Downs; in community gardens in Brighton & Hove, including at Stanmer Park Organics – and also most-ably facilitated by all in the sharing of ‘potluck’ food together!

I hope that the fotomosaic images in the slideshow below, and the writings – that formed a part of my eight weeks’ journalling – will give a flavour of this special ‘season’ and the en-joy-ment that it brought to all…

Henrietta begat Coriander:
Pet Lambs Acrostic
SddlscmbSheepinPen0917Hay bales
Nettles sting
Russet/carrot salad
Intention cards
Ewe’s udder
Testing teats…
Tractors: great & small
“Away!” sheepdog call

Barn owl pellet
English mutton/lamb
Garden picnic
Trolley stops-in-van

Cocoa ‘n’ date treat
Orange nasturtiums
Roly’s & Freddie’s farm
Intelligent creatures
Ant on to-do card
New ‘clan’ buddies
Dew pond photo
Edible flowers
Roof chorus grouse
[No! they were guinea fowl…]

(and, if I remember rightly, Henrietta was grandmother sheep to lamb, Coriander)

After an afternoon of ‘hurricane season’ cloud-watching on the Downs, I spent a week writing a haiku per day – based on that afternoon and the weather outside my east Brighton windows…

Weather Consciousness Haikus


not-so-Andy-Goldsworthy wild art ‘Dungmobile’ – it moves with the wind!

Cloudscape bonanza:
Sun hat off and rain hood up;
Beech trees umbrella.

Blue-shirted school boys’
Astro-turf footie tempered
By the cloudless sky…

Breeze whips cumulous
Away and lends the laundry
Wrinkles with sun scents

Dull platinum sky
Spits and ripples the rust-like
Algae’d stone bird bath

Grey, mild, but drizzling:
Weather brings down my spirit
Along with the leaves.

Autumn in the air:
Bring out the long socks, long sleeves;
Relish wardrobe shift!

Oh, cheer! Sun seeps through:
Blanket grey’s blue-broken;
Bird bath water’s warmed.

(more haikus – one per day over a month for NaPoWriMo 2014 – can be seen on my ‘sibling’ blog site: OTTP Haiku City)

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Sadly, due to funding cuts, Grow21 season, due this winter, had to be cancelled.  I will now be volunteering assistance to fundraise for this very worthwhile project;  the Grow Project invites donations from any source – and it’s possible to watch their beautifully hand-painted, research evaluation animation – “nature-based intervention for mental health” – to understand the benefits of such courses and group days spent in the ‘great outdoors’.  To donate, visit Grow’s Facebook page





Eye Heart Norfolk

Envy the Broads
Yell at the pesky gulls
Eyeball the yokels (or vice versa)

Huff the second homers
Enjoy the ices (Mr Whippy & chips)
Art-it-up Norwich way
Rough it with Royals
Tread catholically on and by

Needlous pines and samphirous marshes
Organic lavender and prehistoric amber
Rough neck fisher-farmers and alpaca walkers
Flint unflinchingly vertical, nautical, horizontal
Offshore windfarms; insurgent water forces
Locals and Londoners crabby & crabbing…
Kingdom country; Ask Jeeves – or Stephen Fry

© Luc(e) Raesmith


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Adieu HaikuCity, Adieu…


‘my’ NaPoWriMo 2014 – 30 consecutive days of journalistic proem-writing – comes to a close tonight with a textile arts 17-syllable haiku at the Off The Trolley Productions ‘satellite’ blog: ‎

Here are some of the fone foto images that accompanied the 30 haikus…



Haiku City on the Go…


Today is day 15 of the 30 days of April’s poem-a-day writing that is happening on Off the Trolley Production’s HaikuCity blog posts: ‎

The theme of today’s haiku is housework – not one of my regular activities… But the ‘challenge’ of creating a haiku-per-day – and adding to that a fone foto or two – has been a spring cleaning for my spirit.


The artwork above was created in March and based around a haiku composed at the beginning of that month.  This untitled piece features water-colouring & collaging of my now-shredded New Internationalist journal diary from 2009.  Having begun my gender transition in 2007, this diary would not offer clues to my hidden transgender nature (as investigated in the Retro Diary Enquiry category of this blog).

Creating art, however, has been a lifelong – and mostly regular – activity that has seen me through the challenges of not knowing/understanding my genderqueer – and bipolar and Aspergic – nature…

More haikus featured on this blog back in February:




Rock- & Pop-inspired Proems…


courtesy at google images

1970 saw the start of my non-air-guitar performances.  I preferred the tangible hockey stick Hendrix.  Here’s my acrostic (not lacrosse stick) proem to the legend:

Jimi.  The legend.
Angel of Woodstock.
My little wing’d hero.
Eulogising the voice, the face.
Still he lives on in
Music out of time:
Army boy’s blues,
Riffs on his guitar,
Sending me blind.
(Hyde Park, Isle of Wight.
And I? Born too late…)
Lost in this voodoo chile’s
Laudable guitar wails
He plays with his teeth.
Experience his band of gypsies:
Narcissists, barbiturates & babes…
Drifted away in his electric ladyland.
Raise hell in heaven unholy Hendrix.
Infidels & initiates celebrate thy legacy.
eXit genius.  Stage lefthand.

©  Luc(e) Raesmith


As for this bunch, they didn’t inspire me to ought but this culinary parody… (more trans*pired than inspired)

Sassy Spice

My sister’s a true spice girl.
The first thing she showed off
in her new home
were those thirtysomething jars
with the oh-so-neat labels.
There tiered shelving in the cabinet
awaited her precious cache.

Baby spice pots mounting the base
for ginger and other warm sweet exotics,
rising to the sporty set:
fenugreek, mustard and coriander.
Seeds lead to scary chilli,
turmeric and cumin, with room
for posh saffron on top.

She’s a cordon vert lover in the kitchen.
She’d make a nice bomb on the box
if she chose to do a Delia;
exploiting the masses’ desires
for meatless dishes and
‘desettling’ those chief male chefs
with her cruelty-free tarts.

But my sister’s not one for flashing
her all in public.  At home
with her chopping board,
mouth a-pout, gaze fixed;
she raises two fingers in a V,
licks the butter smeared between,
and her dressing gown slips apart
to reveal cleavage and navel as she poses
the question to her espoused, shouting proud
“Do you want paprika on your ciabatta pizza?”

And as mozerella melts and spices sizzle
with the heat of her passion,
her gas hob-top oven, she hugs
herself with the thought:
“I’ve got me here some real hot grill power.”

©  Luc(e) Raesmith

haikus have their say…


… after an absence of 6 weeks & more – due to non-network connectivity / wifi-lessness (and that not due to storm nor mobile battery failure), here now a gentle return to blog-fullness (something akin to Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic mindfulness) with a haiku or two (or 8) from a writing group session’s escape from the weather (but there’s no climate change without climate change)…


snow (not hail) from last February…

hailstones clattering
thru blue green and magenta
icing cyclamen

sibling’s marmalade
jogs buttery memory
Sunday school breakfast

flailing writers’ pens,
conbobulated mindsets:
blown cobwebs away…


approaching the fated (& fêted) Dawlish, south Devon…

hurricane’d landslide
renders asunder journey’d
“outstanding beauty”…

rain daggers stabbing
steamy fingerprint window
seals in escapist

oatmeal biscuits dunked
sweet tea break from stuffy space:
calorific flight!

and inspired by tutor-given text  [  mountain,  snow,  tree,  flower,  moon ]
and the Lego film poster at bus stop …


cheating with morn (not moon) light here…

net curtain moon spill:
nylon white petals flower
naked black elm twigs

snow mountain goddess,
square Lego head deity’s
plastic Zen practice


13 Days of Yuletide…


On the Thirteenth Day of Yuletide the Universe behove to me:

13  shelves for dusting  (ignored)

12  plants for watering  (well, not 3 cacti…)l

11  pots for scouring  (3 soups, 2 veg, 2 peas, 2 eggs, 1 noodles + 1 plums)

10  tweets @ trending  (didn’t follow)

9  twits a-twerking…  (not really, thank All That Is!)

8  moods a-cycling / meds side-effecting

7  spots a-sprouting  (bloomin’ 2nd puberty…)

6  ciders ‘bottling’  [= not resolving #8 issue(s) ]

5  mouldy sills  (eek: J-cloths to the rescue!)

4  junk mail cards  (plus TV licence threats… but I don’t do TV!)

3  Facebook friends  (confirmed✓)

2  rain-splat’d gloves  (no ‘biggy’, just soggy at the time)

… but vanilla custard vaping† liquid   (Lush!  †See Glossary, part 2)


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Solstice  /  Yuletide  /  Xmas  Greetings  One  &  All  !