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TransGenderQueerPerson wins Eurovision…


image courtesy Salzburg Nachrichten

Any ideas for the post on my return to this blog (after ‘time out’ at HaikuCity2014) were superceded last night by the winning of the Eurovision Song Contest by Conchita ‘Wunderbar’ Wurst of Austria.

Dubbed the ‘Bearded Lady’ and drag artist, this amazingly-androgynous, gender-blending singer with a belting voice, super-trimmed facial hair and lashes-for-days was the deserved winner with her song ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’.

Just as transwoman (and first transgender) contestant, Dana International caused a stirring of the Eurovision ashes in 1998 when she won for Israel, such celebrity winnings become ‘a phoenix of hope’ for trans people.

For me as a transgenderqueer individual striving for the acknowledgement of ‘person’ as the operative identity of any&everyone – rather than a binary gender identity of male or female – the vision of gender-busting Conchita singing-to-win was intensely moving.

When the fashion furore, the curiosity controversy & the glitz glamour publicity has died down, maybe – just maybe – this Austrian individual will be recognised as the not-a-rude-word-person that they are…


image courtesy Thomas Ramstorfer


Enjoy these ‘transishews’ links (again)!

Announcement of Conchita’s win by the BBC  and Austrian news:

YouTube video coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest winner: 

Conchita Wurst sings ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’:








Retro Diary Enquiry: 5th June 1974


RDEPurpleDry1974_150049Starting with the first year of my diary journalling (1974), I find June 5th to have fallen, as today 5.6.13,  on a Wednesday.  It was a schoolday; the writing in this mini, pocket-size diary is not my smallest: not too much to say on a schoolday – other than history revision for mock ‘O’ Levels…

So, any clues in that entry as to my ‘hidden Andro nature’??


pocket-size diary text: 5.6.74

The most surprising fact is that I record that I was sewing a dress! Not any garment that I recall and the sewing fact surprising, not because I was in any way a ‘tomboy’ dresser, but because I thought by then I had made a decision not to handmake clothes – after my experiences up to this 14-going-on-15 stage with the well-intentioned but frequently-too-big garments (“for growing into”) that my seamstressing mum had made for me…  (Interestingly, the floppy gusset now seems to have reached its heyday as a fashion feature – predominantly on the male-identified body…)

I see from the Sunday entry of 2nd June ’74 that I was also mending a kimono dress; this was a pale turquoise wrapover-style and ankle-length satin dress of my maternal grandmother’s (out of our dressing up trunk of clothes) which I wore to parties at the time.  Now I would only be seen in a dress if it was a ‘fancy dress’/drag up occasion (but I’ll wear a fine calf-length kilt – see foto below – over trousers in snowy/icy weather)…  I started to feel, in the new-millenium-noughties, that I was a gay male in drag anytime I wore a supposedly feminine, skirted outfit.

Back to ’74: I wrote that I spent an hour on the phone with my first boyfriend discussing how to spend our upcoming Saturday evening: I was in love &  our first anniversary was coming up on 8th June…  Aah! here’s a clue to my androgyny: ‘J’ was an extremely good-looking, androgynous-facially, blonde 18 year old (with Scandinavian parents).  Too young then to understand the concept of gynandrophilia (being attracted to the feminine in a male-identified person, and vice versa, the masculine in a female), I was certainly attracted to his Botticelli cherubic looks: that which stereotypically embodies the notion of the androgynous angelic…

Kilt & Jacket_225830

But no!  Only a month or so later, this first love-of-my-life would dump me for not being ‘hippy’ enough, in relation to my clothes style and lack of interest in drugs (and possibly in reluctance to be more sexually active – as an also-‘hidden Asexual‘)… So those lurid emerald green trousers, with the white pinstripe, worn with the fluorescent blue/pink/yellow zip-up cardigan hadn’t turned him on??

Horrors to recall such hideous taste – but these are signs of my attire rebellion, that prelim’d the late 70s’ fluorescent punk era to come, and signalled my desperate need to be different, to look individualistic; signs of the early teenager with own clothing earnings (from cleaning and babysitting) manifesting the sense of difference I had felt since kindergarten age… Sadly, same boyfriend mistook my intention when I wore a black crepe calf-length/ ‘midi’ dress (also out of the dressing up trunk) over jeans; ironically he described my look as “whoreish”… These days my middle-age genderqueer dress sense is still questionable: a sort of twin-set-&-pearls mixed with hip-hop-bling,  AKA ewe-ram dressed as lamb…


More anon: another diary, another date…


Glossary of Not-Rude-to-be-Just-a-Person…


in  no-particular-order-or-preference  at present:

jender qwe’re =  a  ‘they’/’them’  individual living outside of the gender binary

andro = shortened version of androgyne; equivalent of guy ‘n’ gal, lad ‘n’ lass

IndiGo = independent go-getting of an indigo-souled person

A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on...

A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on File:Portal LGBT.svg. Gradient from pink (feminine) to blue (masculine) (and shades in-between) to represent the spectrum of gender identity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Qwe’re ArT = Trans-biased queer art practice-makes-perfectly-ok

Tranny Trolley = a 2/3-wheeled carrying receptacle with Transgender owner

sysbro = sibling with dual-gender identity

Trolley Tranny = a Transgender person in charge of a shoppa trolley

ProemZzz = prose-based poetry that may put one to sleep

videoh!s = surprising vimeo- &/or youtube-ready digital audio-visual content

Happily-New Era = newer(a) he♡rt-felt consciousness ‘time’ post-21.12.2012

dortersun = offspring of the dual-gendered variety

MarsRed = darker shade of pink associated with archetypal masculine energy

TransIntersexual = transitioned as/electively hermaphroditic person

aren’tunkle = parental sibling in relation to niece, nephew – or an andro..

..(n)evernice = a troubled individual offspring of one’s sibling

VenusBlue = indefinite shade of blue associated with archetypal feminine energy


knitted sauropod: sex not determined…

flapjacks = an especially-British oat-based sweet treat in a variety of flavours

Aspergic = with relation to Asperger Syndromic traits, qualities, etc

bi-polarish = with reference to Bi-Polar Disorder Level II ups-downs / ins-outs

AcidRock = possibly whiter shade of pale associated with the protocol of harum

phablet = a smartphone with tablet pretensions

QwesT FtM UK = (inter)national Female towards Male supportive organisation

snappery = the addictive (as in snapaholism) snatching of Kodak moments

trans scrutiny = research into appropriate and egalitarian resources & services for transpeople

Aspie = person with Asperger Syndrome qualities/traits/diagnosis

LGBTQI = literate geezers bothering to question intelligibly (see PINARW Pages: Pts 1 & 2)

Acronym City = the ‘hometown’ of the UCCATs: Upper Case Citizens And Tourists of/to same

mentalists = those who know/knew  mental health challenges (being off the proverbial trolley) first-handedly


bloomin’ marvellous lily-of-the-water

self-euthanase = creative choice to forward one’s soul to the next / a new plane of existence

tax-dodge-corporations = those in the Large Library of Life who have huge overdue fines to pay…

barking = off one’s trolley: black dog mood is downright depressive; barking tends to imply ‘upward’ mentalism

Bloomin’ = colloquial euphemism for swear words Bloody & Bleedin’ (adj: meaning ‘very’)

Chakra = Sanskrit for wheel; used for the ‘wheeling’ etheric energy centres linked to the physical body

Magenta = the perfectly lovely colour (as in lily here) that marries earthly red and heavenly violet on the visible light spectrum: aah…

Sent to Coventry = being forced to be silent & not-spoken-to for an indeterminate time

saveloy = a reddish-skinned British sausage; somewhat similar to the American hot dog weenie or the Deutsche bratwurst

BOGOF = Acronym for ‘Buy One Get One Free’ as in load-your-larder/fatten-your-fridge

verisimilitude = the appearance or semblance of being 1. true or 2. real (what? how? why?)…

vaping = the non-tobacco, nicotine-optional, vapour-creating e-smoking E-xperience

mousework = not-always-enjoyable, sometimes-avoidable computer functionality activation

watch this space…