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Eye Heart Norfolk

Envy the Broads
Yell at the pesky gulls
Eyeball the yokels (or vice versa)

Huff the second homers
Enjoy the ices (Mr Whippy & chips)
Art-it-up Norwich way
Rough it with Royals
Tread catholically on and by

Needlous pines and samphirous marshes
Organic lavender and prehistoric amber
Rough neck fisher-farmers and alpaca walkers
Flint unflinchingly vertical, nautical, horizontal
Offshore windfarms; insurgent water forces
Locals and Londoners crabby & crabbing…
Kingdom country; Ask Jeeves – or Stephen Fry

© Luc(e) Raesmith


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Adieu HaikuCity, Adieu…


‘my’ NaPoWriMo 2014 – 30 consecutive days of journalistic proem-writing – comes to a close tonight with a textile arts 17-syllable haiku at the Off The Trolley Productions ‘satellite’ blog: ‎

Here are some of the fone foto images that accompanied the 30 haikus…



Not another mince pie…


       If  you are close to overdosing on mincemeat… let me offer you an alternative all-day, teatime or elevenses treat: the great British flapjack.

Here is my potentially life-enhancing mince-pie-antidote in proem form:

Ode to Flapjacks

English: Lyle's Golden Syrup in a resealable t...

English: Lyle’s Golden Syrup in a resealable tin. This image was created by Whitebox, and is licensed under the following license (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do your flapjacks fail you?
(I know the falldowns.)
Here’s my foolproof recipe:

Melt a generous 5 oz of fat
(margarine or butter pat)
with 3 oz sugar (that’s sweet)
in ample pan over a low heat.

Add 2 tablespoons tops
of sticky stuff and stir in
(black treacle, golden syrup,
marmalade, malt, molasses).

Mix in 8 oz or so of oats,
Plus optional dry items as fit:
(pinches of salt and shakes of
carob, cinnamon, coconut).

Pour into a well-greased tray.
Bake in a moderate oven
‘til golden brown on top, (say
the time it takes to clear up
the messes you’ve made)…


photo courtesy of R&B BW 2012

When cool, then cut.
Made of the right stuff?
Just take the taste test.

The mixture’s too sweet?
You didn’t say ‘No’ enough…
Not got the salt edge you want?
You’ve not shed those tears yet…
Turned out too soft?
You haven’t got your anger out…
Texture a tad brittle?
You haven’t forgiven either…
Not as moist as you’d like?
You did not love as much…

You can quote me if you like:
‘Here’s a recipe to cherish for life!’

© Luc(e) Raesmith