About this blog…

Hello and welcome to the virtual home of ‘off the trolley productions’.

I offer random, Aspergic and Bi-Polarish musings from the perspective of an Andro /  Jender Qwe’re / TransIntersexual  Person: a site for Qwe’re ArT eyes and ears (warning: may contain alternative spellings; please see Glossary under Categories).

This will be a celebration of all things aesthetically pleasing, often edible and in-the-main inanimate..  There may be some smatterings of JenderIshews: slightly more newsy & issues-based info regarding living a Trans* life.

Map of East Sussex, UK with Brighton and Hove ...

Map of East Sussex, UK with Brighton and Hove highlighted. Equirectangular map projection on WGS 84 datum, with N/S stretched 155% (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am fifty-plus-going-on-fifteen: a person 7 years into transition to be more fully on the outside the person I experience on the inside.  Also, a frequent mobile phone photographer and a sometime creative recycling artist.

Here is a Happily-New Era blagspace: coming to the cloud from Brighton&Hove, AKA London-by-the-Sea – and, on occasion, Gender-Dysphoria-by-the-Sea…

Re the irregular posts in the ‘Retro Diary Enquiry’ Category; these will explore the clues to my hidden Andro nature from same-day-but-different-year diary entries going back to 1974…


my diaries & journals for most of 1974-2010


Thank you for your visit to this blog and its posts; Word Press passes on to me all the Likes and Follows – and I’ll always take a visit to your site too…

Luc(e) Raesmith

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