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Brighton Festival Artist Exposure…

image magpie : text magnet

image magpie : text magnet

Beyond ‘Queer in Brighton’ (mobile photography) and ‘Brighton Trans*formed’ (bunting stitchery), creative recycling artist (collage & montage), Luc Raesmith ‘hits’ the Phoenix and the Open Art House trail during the 2105 Brighton Festival. (Plus, ‘fits’ all that into their hectic home move schedule…)

Read all about it on the Mind LiVE blog post: exhibiting-with-artists-who-are-marginalised-or-in-recovery

GrandmotherBoard (detail)

Grandmother Board (detail)


Brighton Trans*formed Exhibition Engagement…


The making of an exhibition: vision and tissues, dramas and hobnobs, budgets and tea bags, politics and pizza,  hormones and pinking shears, printers ink and chocolate, red tape and hula hoops, thunderstorms and batteries, persons and petrol, egos and ice cream, laptops and bed linen, faith and sticky-back plastic…



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For more information, see also Brighton Trans*formed Exhibition Group and Trans* Pride Facebook pages, and QueenSpark Books website:




Haiku City on the Go…


Today is day 15 of the 30 days of April’s poem-a-day writing that is happening on Off the Trolley Production’s HaikuCity blog posts: ‎

The theme of today’s haiku is housework – not one of my regular activities… But the ‘challenge’ of creating a haiku-per-day – and adding to that a fone foto or two – has been a spring cleaning for my spirit.


The artwork above was created in March and based around a haiku composed at the beginning of that month.  This untitled piece features water-colouring & collaging of my now-shredded New Internationalist journal diary from 2009.  Having begun my gender transition in 2007, this diary would not offer clues to my hidden transgender nature (as investigated in the Retro Diary Enquiry category of this blog).

Creating art, however, has been a lifelong – and mostly regular – activity that has seen me through the challenges of not knowing/understanding my genderqueer – and bipolar and Aspergic – nature…

More haikus featured on this blog back in February:




TransGenderQueer Space: in homage to…


This post is ‘queer art homage’  –    in the form of a fonecamera fotovideo.

TransPrdBnrJL0214By way of introduction.

The following text is very close to that which I presented (alongside the premiere viewing of the 5-minute-long fotovideo below) at the Trans* History performance event at Brighton&Hove’s Jubilee Library on Saturday, 15th February…

When persons gender transition, it becomes hugely significant to them that they have appropriate spaces to go & facilities to use according to their gender identity.

That means for me that it is really important, for instance, that I can go swimming at a pool where there is a unisex – or gender neutral – changing space.

Luckily I dress pretty much entirely in recycled clothes so I am very familiar with the ‘gender-free’ charity shop fitting room  (as has been homage’d in the mid-90s with a sonnet ‘Ode to the Cubicle’…)

Most significantly, as this is a daily necessity, is for me to be able to find and use gender-neutral toilet space and that means mainly using an accessible toilet. (This is also necessary for other trans persons – especially in the early days of their transition.)

I  feel Aspergically and sensorily more comfortable (and safe) in a solitary and more spacious ‘loo’. I take Aspie pleasure in their architectural features, and in the fixtures and fittings.

The fotovideo is a celebration of the accessible public convenience  as transgenderqueer space.


Bring Out Your Banners: UK’s 1st Trans* Pride


This week’s random text- & images-categorised post really is Qwe’re ArT
(And radically Trans*)… BRightonHzntl_20130716

The occasion: another hot and blue-skied day in the Seven Dials area of Brighton & Hove City. (An area that has surely overtaken the comparatively sleepy market town of Wellington, Somerset – home to QwesT FtM UK – as having the highest population of trans folk per square mile!) The venue: home of the Banner’s designer – complete with chirpy parakeet and coconut icepop…

FTMVertical_130716Being off-the-trolley in body – as well as in mind and spirit, it was with Pride this week that I looked on at my manageably-creative/created graphics work: the templates for – and the placings of – the letters of Trans* Female-toward-Male and GenderQueer terms on the FTMB RightOn Banner being made in preparation for the excitingly upcoming FTP: First Trans* Pride, UK – happening Right Here in ‘London-by-the-Sea’…7DialsFTMBSshot_2013-07-17

On heading home after 4+ hours of wrist-wrenching scissor work (cutting out said letters: in satiny material with iron-on sticky-back fabric)…

…a splendid (pollution-promoted) sunset was the backdrop to the 9pm-empty shopfronts that I captured on my trusty android mobile – all forming a satisfying foto-indexed mosaic…

Check out the Trans* Pride action in Brighton on the Facebook page…