Eye Heart Norfolk

Envy the Broads
Yell at the pesky gulls
Eyeball the yokels (or vice versa)

Huff the second homers
Enjoy the ices (Mr Whippy & chips)
Art-it-up Norwich way
Rough it with Royals
Tread catholically on and by

Needlous pines and samphirous marshes
Organic lavender and prehistoric amber
Rough neck fisher-farmers and alpaca walkers
Flint unflinchingly vertical, nautical, horizontal
Offshore windfarms; insurgent water forces
Locals and Londoners crabby & crabbing…
Kingdom country; Ask Jeeves – or Stephen Fry

© Luc(e) Raesmith


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Brighton Trans*formed Exhibition Engagement…


The making of an exhibition: vision and tissues, dramas and hobnobs, budgets and tea bags, politics and pizza,  hormones and pinking shears, printers ink and chocolate, red tape and hula hoops, thunderstorms and batteries, persons and petrol, egos and ice cream, laptops and bed linen, faith and sticky-back plastic…



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For more information, see also Brighton Trans*formed Exhibition Group and Trans* Pride Facebook pages, and QueenSpark Books website:







Homage to Tove Jansson…


For  the near 3 years that I have been living in Brighton & Hove, I’ve been eyeing up  the Moomin character plastic plates and mugs on sale in the city’s Jubilee Library shop.  I promised myself a gift of an item of Moomin picnic crockery – one day…

shop window display for Tove Jansson centenaryThen, idling through the North Laine, I was stopped in my tracks at the shop that stocks the full range of everything Moomin that can be bought from the Finland company, Arabia: the window display blared the news that 2014 was the centenary anniversary of the birth of Tove Jansson, Finnish creator of MoominValley and all its creatures.  So, this had to be the year of the promised purchase!

My siblings and I received Moomin books as birthday presents from our uncle in Finland – and his Finnish wife and our 2 cousins – long before the American cartoon of the Moomins’ antics hit the TV screens in this country.  Great delight followed when one year – for Christmas, perhaps – we received Moomin ‘dolls’.  I got Moomin Papa: he had a silver grey fake fur body and a removable black leather top hat.

Reliving the delights of those fantasy books (some of which remained on my shelves or in precious storage into my middle age), I treated myself to a plate featuring a whole array of Moomin Valley creature beings: a special centenary celebration design – and one most fitting to celebrate my own recent 55th birthday!

poster showing Moomin Valley residentsLast Autumn I enjoyed rereading one of Tove Jansson’s much-loved fiction works for adults: ‘The Summer Book’.  The delicious directness of her prose, in a collection of some of her own favourite short stories entitled ‘The Winter Book’, awaits my upcoming recuperation from gender corrective chest surgery – when I can read at my leisure in the shade of an elm tree, with a mug of sweet tea at my side and a flapjack on my new Moomin plate…

Perhaps in my dual-genderedness, I carry more of the Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden archetypes in my outer being than most; or is it just that I am more of an embodiment of Thingummy and Bob?

If you’ve not yet discovered Tove Jansson and Moomintrolls, then I hope my humble foto/text homage will tempt you to explore their world…


Moomins mugshot in the North Laine









Let Them Eat Cake…

celophane-wrapped and beribboned chocolate cake on BUCFP beverage counter

celophane-wrapped and beribboned chocolate cake on BUCFP beverage counter

To borrow the apparently incorrect &/or misquoted hackneyed phrase of the late Marie Antoinette… the latest ‘foodshare’  (for those nearer &/or on the bread line) that I’ve encountered was this past Tuesday: following the usual very good, hot vegan lunch at Brighton Unemployed Centre and Families Project (I volunteer on/for their food-growing allotments), a dark chocolate cake – lavishly decorated with thick slabs of chocolate – was cut into many small pieces and shared by the usual mixed bunch lunch crowd.  Said cake was the offering to the Centre by the uber chocolatiers of East Sussex fame, namely Choccywoccydoodah.  Not able to afford their delicacies normally – but well used to snapping images of same through their shop windows – this was a shared treat to savour with my mug of Ovaltine: ‘Yum’ in a word!


Such treats – shared (aren’t potlucks always the best feasts?) or solitary fare – are a luxurious indulgence to calorifically-dumb-down my Aspie angsty and/or  hyper-adrenalised or downward-dumps days… a dose of which was gladly ‘needed’ last Tuesday in the throws of the stresses of now (not-viewing-exhibitions but) co-curating the ‘Brighton Trans*formed’ multi-media-multi-venue exhibition due to hit the streets of our Gender-Dysphoria-by-the-Sea City in time for Trans* Pride No.2, the last weekend of July 2014…


Since the About-This-Blog statement promises “a celebration of all things aesthetically pleasing, often edible and in-the-main inanimate”  it seemed high time to slideshow-share some more often-edible-but-questionably-inanimate cake-y offerings devoured by sight, smell and taste senses over the past 10-or-so months… (with captions for visually-impaired and blind sweet-toothed folk)

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Eyes-Down Grounding…




To compensate for being high-person-exhausted from 3 solid weeks of art installations and happenings during Brighton’s Fringe & Festival month, I thought a bit of grounding via ‘curating / collating’ my incidental (not snapaholic) pavement-level Fotography of recent 3 months would be in order to help bring me downward…

Other previous manhole-cover-obsessive images can be (re)viewed at https://offthetrolleyproductions.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/all-things-manhole/ or previewed in my Blurb ebook ‘Utilitarian: A Pavement-Level Perspective’.)

(the definitely-obsessive 21-shot mosaics from said art happenings may follow in future posts…)


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From FAME to Tight Modern…


ChirologyMontageSome once-obscure cap-gun-urban-flotsam-sporting artworks are just not content with their 5 seconds of out-in-public fame (not even when they are FAME itself: Fridge Art Magnet Examples)…

Abandoning its also-Japanese-paper-based & measure-tape-bearing sibling on the metal kitchen cabinet, this piece was not only discontented with brief loitering atop an orange and black recyling bin, but demanded further montage on corrugated card and red plastic and grid foil – plus being framed and exhibited in the Tight Modern, no less (after causing no end of adhesion angst & haiku hassle)…

More evidence from links below:



Creative Future’s pop-up gallery, Tight Modern, appeared on Brighton’s seafront on the May Day holiday weekend for 4 days (before its tour to nearby Eastbourne’s Towner Gallery, plus two gallery spaces in London and St Helen’s, Merseyside.  The exhibition – within the shed-like structure – featured sixty mixed media works by disabled and/or marginalised folk from around Britain, all in 13 x 18 cm portrait format artworks.  A truly talented and eclectic collection of which I was honoured to be a selected artist with the rebel piece ‘Chirology’ (ex-fridge art magnet example heading out on a national tour of certain infamy)…

Find out more at http://creativefuture.org.uk/ & enjoy the slideshow!






TransGenderQueerPerson wins Eurovision…


image courtesy Salzburg Nachrichten

Any ideas for the post on my return to this blog (after ‘time out’ at HaikuCity2014) were superceded last night by the winning of the Eurovision Song Contest by Conchita ‘Wunderbar’ Wurst of Austria.

Dubbed the ‘Bearded Lady’ and drag artist, this amazingly-androgynous, gender-blending singer with a belting voice, super-trimmed facial hair and lashes-for-days was the deserved winner with her song ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’.

Just as transwoman (and first transgender) contestant, Dana International caused a stirring of the Eurovision ashes in 1998 when she won for Israel, such celebrity winnings become ‘a phoenix of hope’ for trans people.

For me as a transgenderqueer individual striving for the acknowledgement of ‘person’ as the operative identity of any&everyone – rather than a binary gender identity of male or female – the vision of gender-busting Conchita singing-to-win was intensely moving.

When the fashion furore, the curiosity controversy & the glitz glamour publicity has died down, maybe – just maybe – this Austrian individual will be recognised as the not-a-rude-word-person that they are…


image courtesy Thomas Ramstorfer


Enjoy these ‘transishews’ links (again)!

Announcement of Conchita’s win by the BBC  and Austrian news:



YouTube video coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest winner:


Conchita Wurst sings ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’: