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Grow : Wellbeing in Nature…



For eight weeks – from August to October – I had the incredible privilege of participating on a course of consecutive Thursdays spent in beautiful South Downs countryside.  It was the twentieth ‘season’ of the Grow Project’s wellbeing in Nature courses, known affectionately by all as Grow20.  This highly-effective immersion in ‘the green’ was hugely beneficial for my mental health; as a person with Asperger Syndrome, being out in the expansive space made relating with others much easier.

These courses have been funded and supported by several partner organisations: the National Trust, University of Brighton,  South Downs National Park Authority, the City’s Council – and Big Lottery Fund.  They are based at National Trust-owned Saddlescombe Farm and facilitated by Grow’s paid and volunteer workers, by NT rangers and the tenant sheep farmers, Camilla & Roly: on the farm, in the garden and orchard; out and about on the Downs; in community gardens in Brighton & Hove, including at Stanmer Park Organics – and also most-ably facilitated by all in the sharing of ‘potluck’ food together!

I hope that the fotomosaic images in the slideshow below, and the writings – that formed a part of my eight weeks’ journalling – will give a flavour of this special ‘season’ and the en-joy-ment that it brought to all…

Henrietta begat Coriander:
Pet Lambs Acrostic
SddlscmbSheepinPen0917Hay bales
Nettles sting
Russet/carrot salad
Intention cards
Ewe’s udder
Testing teats…
Tractors: great & small
“Away!” sheepdog call

Barn owl pellet
English mutton/lamb
Garden picnic
Trolley stops-in-van

Cocoa ‘n’ date treat
Orange nasturtiums
Roly’s & Freddie’s farm
Intelligent creatures
Ant on to-do card
New ‘clan’ buddies
Dew pond photo
Edible flowers
Roof chorus grouse
[No! they were guinea fowl…]

(and, if I remember rightly, Henrietta was grandmother sheep to lamb, Coriander)

After an afternoon of ‘hurricane season’ cloud-watching on the Downs, I spent a week writing a haiku per day – based on that afternoon and the weather outside my east Brighton windows…

Weather Consciousness Haikus


not-so-Andy-Goldsworthy wild art ‘Dungmobile’ – it moves with the wind!

Cloudscape bonanza:
Sun hat off and rain hood up;
Beech trees umbrella.

Blue-shirted school boys’
Astro-turf footie tempered
By the cloudless sky…

Breeze whips cumulous
Away and lends the laundry
Wrinkles with sun scents

Dull platinum sky
Spits and ripples the rust-like
Algae’d stone bird bath

Grey, mild, but drizzling:
Weather brings down my spirit
Along with the leaves.

Autumn in the air:
Bring out the long socks, long sleeves;
Relish wardrobe shift!

Oh, cheer! Sun seeps through:
Blanket grey’s blue-broken;
Bird bath water’s warmed.

(more haikus – one per day over a month for NaPoWriMo 2014 – can be seen on my ‘sibling’ blog site: OTTP Haiku City)

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Sadly, due to funding cuts, Grow21 season, due this winter, had to be cancelled.  I will now be volunteering assistance to fundraise for this very worthwhile project;  the Grow Project invites donations from any source – and it’s possible to watch their beautifully hand-painted, research evaluation animation – “nature-based intervention for mental health” – to understand the benefits of such courses and group days spent in the ‘great outdoors’.  To donate, visit Grow’s Facebook page



The 28months Catch Up Post…


Hooray for Steroids!  No wonder the sports officials have to test the athletes of the World…

In April & May of 2015 I moved home.  I developed tennis elbow from packing multiple smallish boxes that I could manage to lift myself…  I already suffered with referred nerve pain in my hands.  With fibromyalgia I was exhausted and in pain for months; blogging seemed out of the question.  The absence from creative online activity continued until 28 months had elapsed since my last post…

But hope arrived – finally – a few weeks ago: in the form of a steroid injection to my carpal tunnel syndrome’d right wrist – making extra computer mousework† more possible and less painfully agitating.  Hooray again!  († see Glossary category” Part 2)

So here is a selection of fotomosaics in a slideshow to illustrate the journal of my life over the past two and a quarter years… they’ll show home making, beach combing, dog walking, banner wielding, herb&bulb gardening, decorations hangings, out&about adventuring – and much mobile phone photographing.

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Trans* Rememberance…


20th November is International Transgender Day of Rememberance, a day when around some parts of the world there is an acknowledgement of the hundreds of transgendered people who are murdered for being other: for being trans…

The recorded figures come close to 250 this year; the majority of those killed are transwomen of colour in South American countries, particularly Brazil.  However, there are estimated to be  closer to 1000+ transpersons whose violent deaths are not recorded, including those by suicide and deaths in prisons…

Rememberance gatherings in Brighton were held on the 20th at the University of Sussex and on Sunday, 23rd in the Methodist Church building where the Clare Project social drop-in gathering and counselling sessions are offered weekly to transgendered and questioning persons, from the City and beyond.

By way of rememberance, I offer my photojournal screenshot ‘mosaics’ – from mobile phone camera; my favourites from June through November 2013.  These are a symbol of my good fortune, as a non-binary transperson in the UK, to live freely – and safely – by day and by night, expressing myself just as I am.  These also represent my appreciation of the City that has hosted the UK’s first Trans* Pride and whose Council leads the way in its commitment to improving and making equal the lives of young and adult transpersons, and in its zero tolerance of trans hate crime.

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Yay! UK Trans* Pride No.1…


“It wasn’t all cupcakes, candy and condoms”…

Trans* Pride, Brighton kicked off with a film night inside Dukes at Komedia cinema in the Laines:  a sadly shocking documentary about the lives of Transwomen in South America; a *MyGenderation’s short: ‘Alice’– living her (poetic +) life in Kemptown, BN1; a French film, ‘Tomboy’ – depicting a young person’s gender identity exploration amongst friends and family… (*see MyG’s work – inc T*P documentary video via F’bk link here)

Saturday’s Pride event in New Steine Gardens exceeded all expectations in terms of persons-attending-numbers, weather, cycle-powered juice drinks, tip-top-performers, organisation, political-yet-personal-friendly-vibe, hen party attendees, non-corporate-ness, & gingerbread (trans)men…   Thank you Universe!


Mx Andro HisHerself
Foto credit: Ludo Foster

Privileged to be a perfomer on the (inflatable!) stage, I/we belted out my proems (very loud & rather proud) to beat the rain and squall – and beating-a-retreat punters… & invited audience members to join me in the chorus (in italics) of the verse:  ‘Just Call Me You / Person* / Luc’ (as below –  & as in *Person is Not a Rude Word…)

Having ‘snapped’ the setting-up, and sat out a damp-dismantling of the park event, I lasted a few hours only of the Trans*frau cabaret/dance event at The Blind Tiger pub&club: amazing performances from guest stars Lazlo Perlman and Rhyannon Styles (and one dance to Depeche Mode, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ ).  See more evidence of the whole (s)hebang on the Trans* Pride F’bk page…

(Proudly wore my large “tranny lanny / well ‘ard trans lanyard” on the night bus home – emblazoning ‘Trans* Person’ to the world…)

Sunday blazed blue & peachy for the great-Tshirts&Tattoos-exposure that coloured the Trans* Beach BBQ-Picnic.  Kites were flown; shoulders got burned; chargrilled haloumi was delish (sans relish); some braved the waves; dogs sheltered beside T-hairy’d legs; shadows stretched…

Huge gratitude & respect to all those who put in vast amounts of work (up front & behind the scenes – past & present) to make this wonderful weekend happen:  Alex, Claire, Elliot, Fox, Jane, Lewis, Nick, Nicky, Phleim, Phoenix, Rory, Sabah, Sarah, Sharon, Steph, Tanya, Vicki – and other unknown / unnamed persons & organisations…

All revealed right here…

(with ‘sound track’ : Daylight & the Sun, courtesy of Antony & The Johnsons)

Just Call Me You / Person / Luc

I’m quite a dapper dresser me,
My many hats can cause a stir:
Recycled, bargain togs are up-my-street
(And I’ve been spotted in faux fur).
I’m a case of ewe/ram dressed as lamb,
But still,  I think you will concur that
“I’m not a bloody Lady
And I’m not a bleedin’ Sir”
I like a parasol/umbrella me;
My trolley: not just a Hoppa shopper;
My walking stick folds up quite neat;
My bus-rides-cushion is fake fur.
You’ll oft’ find me with my shades & fan;
And yet,  I think you will concur that
“I’m not a bloody Lady
And I’m not a bleedin’ Sir”

Always been a comfort-eater me…
Beer?  No thanks – I’ll have a cuppa.
Sometimes spirits, yes – but never neat!
(Me ‘meds’ more-like to make me slur…)
No, I’d rather scoff scone, cream & jam,
And so,  I think you will concur that
“I’m not a bloody Lady
And I’m not a bleedin’ Sir”

I’m an Aspie ‘tranny’ person see –
With quirks & moods & temper.
Colours & words make me complete
(And umpteen snaps wi’ mobile camera).
It’s everything friggin’ ‘queer’  I am
So,  please,  you must concur that
“I’m not a bloody Lady
And I’m not a bleedin’ Sir”

© Luc(e) Raesmith
July 2013-07-23
(for Trans* Pride UK, Brighton & Hove, No. 1)

…and The Pride-ness continues (ever-remindered as a wet-park-tideline on my best Spanish leather shoes)


Bring Out Your Banners: UK’s 1st Trans* Pride


This week’s random text- & images-categorised post really is Qwe’re ArT
(And radically Trans*)… BRightonHzntl_20130716

The occasion: another hot and blue-skied day in the Seven Dials area of Brighton & Hove City. (An area that has surely overtaken the comparatively sleepy market town of Wellington, Somerset – home to QwesT FtM UK – as having the highest population of trans folk per square mile!) The venue: home of the Banner’s designer – complete with chirpy parakeet and coconut icepop…

FTMVertical_130716Being off-the-trolley in body – as well as in mind and spirit, it was with Pride this week that I looked on at my manageably-creative/created graphics work: the templates for – and the placings of – the letters of Trans* Female-toward-Male and GenderQueer terms on the FTMB RightOn Banner being made in preparation for the excitingly upcoming FTP: First Trans* Pride, UK – happening Right Here in ‘London-by-the-Sea’…7DialsFTMBSshot_2013-07-17

On heading home after 4+ hours of wrist-wrenching scissor work (cutting out said letters: in satiny material with iron-on sticky-back fabric)…

…a splendid (pollution-promoted) sunset was the backdrop to the 9pm-empty shopfronts that I captured on my trusty android mobile – all forming a satisfying foto-indexed mosaic…

Check out the Trans* Pride action in Brighton on the Facebook page…