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Photo’d HisHerstory : Potted History Pt 3…



It’s time to ‘shut up shop’ with the photojournalling blog posts – and indeed all posts on this Off the Trolley Productions ‘Person is Not a Rude Word’ blog site…

OTTProductions will continue in other formats: more mobile phone photography, and record of that on Instagram @s.walkr.luc; more Aspie-voice writing Elsewhere; more #post-simplist 3D mobile-making that addresses the Environmental Crisis and Global Climate Justice…

Since the Photo’d Hisherstory : Potted History Pt. 2 at this post link I have not only accumulated thousands more photos – and hundreds of #fotomosaic_grids – but also a refurb upgraded Samsung J3 mobile since the trusty A3, that followed on from the trustier G3, had both died built-in-obsolescent deaths…

A new mobile means adjusting once again to new grid layouts: now the delight of irregular ‘mosaic’ options, as a default, has prompted me into more play and experimentation with my ‘grids’: from simple 4-shot through 64-shot squares, etc – as can be seen here and in the slideshow below.

Hopefully I continue to be as experimental in my life: becoming more irregular in my hisher genderqueer dressing, variedly photojournalling never-done-before activities, cooking foods not fried-baked-or-boiled by me up-to-now, growing more plants from seed to ‘green up’ a communal garden space, etc…


The slideshow below shows life on the Farm, in the Shops and Cafes, on Holiday (Celebrating Sixty on the Scilly Isles**), in Brighton on the Buses & on the Ground, at the Tate Modern (Anni Albers’ Weaving), at the Seafront as a Wet Front approaches, in a Marquee for Bingo, in London, in Love with Flora, in a Kilt, in a Grid-colouring Mood, in Self-Portrait (and Mobile) Mode, etc…

**  Aspie heaven: alone and quiet and visually/manually ‘stimming’ with the phone ‘shutter button’ = 500+ fotos for 55+ mosaic_grids of ‘Beauty Fest’ !

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Photo’d HisHerstory : Potted History Pt 2…



Here appears the second part of my #fonefotolove photo journalling ‘hisherstory’ in #fotomosaic_grid format.  (Pt 1 can be seen via this link)

LRs ‘Dead Bulb Chandeliers’ incorporating phone case Mini Artworks

Tagged #neuroDV_fotoart on my Instagram page, I recognise and embrace my Aspie attention to the visual detail of my days – now encapsulated/digitalised into 15, 18 and 21-photo-image screenshots with my upgrade to a Samsung smartphone in 2014.

As I write this, I have now accumulated over 45,000 images in the past 8 years – and few of these are repeat shots of a single item or vista… Categorising these into folders on my phone, and then albums within iPhoto folders, is a creative / necessary / obsessive / satisfying / surprising – and survival activity for me…

These #fotomosaic_grids below represent the best of the Samsung Galaxy 3 screenshots from a variety of categories: Brighton Exteriors & Interiors, Edibles & Eateries, Exhibitions & Events, Flora, Holidays, Luc (LRs) Artworks, Others’ Art & Images, SelfieReflections, Shopfronts, Skyscapes, etc.




View the #photoabstract  &/or  #accidentalart images as slideshow below




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Photo’d HisHerstory : Potted History Pt1…


I wrote ‘potted histories’ of my days in pocket size diaries between the ages of 14 and 32.  Some reflections on that form of journalling have been mentioned in this OTTP blog within posts of the Retro Diary Enquiry category – where I look back on those herstory days of yore and link them to the current days/ways of my trans(itioned) non-binary / genderqueer hisherstory of the new Millenium ‘Teenies’ years…

It wasn’t until 2010 that I acquired a Nokia camera phone.  Then began my photo-journalling journey.  That date was still 4 years prior to my diagnosis with Asperger’s Syndrome – when my newly-obsessive snap-happy life was made clearer: taking photographs was a way to encapsulate the intensity of my visual sensory input experience; plus, being busy taking photographs gave me a way to be self-contained within stress-inducing social situations.

The discovery of further encapsulating the intensity of the lone-wanderer photographic experience into a mosaic-style grid ‘collage’ of 12 images began with the Nokia in my day-to-day life in Devon back in 2010, and continued with my life-changing move to Brighton to explore being proactively political and creativist in a trans-aware/trans-embracing (and neurodivergent-supportive) city.

The now-Instagram-tagged #fotomosaic_grids (f/m_g’s) have appeared in cube style of 9 shots taken on a Samsung Galaxy A3 smartphone over the past 39 days (from May 2018).  The journey of image encapsulation in x12, 15, 21, 8, & 9 combination fotomosaics_grids from my Nokia-to-Samsung phones useage, will be covered – or revealed in gallery displays, as below – in the next few Parts of this potted history / photo’d hisherstory…

View the #photoabstract  &/or  #accidentalart images as slideshow below







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More manhole covers, cafe, shopfronts and macro images, etc can be seen via the Photo Books category of this OTTP / off the trolley productions blog…


Surprise visit to Sotheby’s…


On a sunny day back in January I was heading to the exhibition of creations from Outside In artists being displayed on the ground floor of Sotheby’s auction house in London.  This exhibition was a celebration of Outside In achieving stand-alone charity status in its work to provide opportunities for artists facing barriers to the art world.


After enjoying a breakfast for visiting artists, we were able to sit in on the auction being held that day: sales of artefacts with royal or noble heritage – including one of several copies of the Crown Jewels that were manufactured for display in the Britain and the Commonwealth at the time of ERII’s coronation in 1953.


The events inspired me to produce a couple of pieces of creative writing – in an Aspie voice: namely alphabetic/acrostic/shape style proems.


A-Z for Mayfair, W1 or Alphabet, do my Bidding ( Sale L18306 – 17.01.18 )

Anticipating croissants and sussing New Bond St –
Bonhams noted – when Sotheby’s windows with
Crescents of high carat diamonds spotted.
Doorman: liveried, Dutch accent, promises coffee,
Escorts one to a wood-panelled Gallery: closed – for
Function: private – with mismatch artisans (c. 2012-17)
Gathered, gossiping about sugar crystals on
Heirloom silver plate trays and
Indecently mini pastries for ‘pre-auction breakfast’…
Jarring with Cecil Beaton’s
Kind portraiture of Picasso, Cocteau and
Lily-white frocked debs and celebs of his day, plus
Mary Fedden’s still lives in the restaurant,
New art – eclectic and deviating from the norm:
Outsider artists’ creations in the exhibition space
Present a disarming and psychedelic array of
Quasi sculpture and paintings in cardboard, threads, felt tip, skip metals…
Royal and noble descent artefacts,
Surveyed and set to be put under the gavel –
Ten thirty on the dot GMT – in the
Upstairs Gallery: open and oozing valued antiquity;
Vestibule display – Lot 74 – pastiche Coronation Regalia:
Weaponry and Crowns in gilt metal on plaster,
Xpressly mounted on velvet and faux ermine fur;
Yellowing ‘imperial’ and ‘state’ labels on wood boxes with rope handles (c.1953);
Zircons for the citizens who can’t spot the difference…




The Crown Acrostic:
at Southeby’s told ‘Of Royal and Noble Descent’
theby’s told:
“Ordinary infantry? Nay!
‘Flasheart’ Captain Blood? oh yay! He,
roistering, randy playmate of the Monarch,
ogled those gaudy gem-encrusted Regalia in that
year 16-o-what? and fancied himself dastardly brigand
and Captain of Fortune who could outsmart those honoured,
liveried, red beef-eating and raven-minding Militia of the Tower
and steal away the State’s Crown Jewels: for mere ‘Blood sport’ and
notorietous cognition, one guesses; for surely the sacred pure pearls,
diamonds, deep sapphires, emeralds, rich rubies & such, bejewelled
national treasures: bright Crowns all, Sceptres, Spurs, Swords, &
Orb, Mace & most-favoured royal oil Anointing Spoon, would
be impossible to pass on to the ‘fences’ of them there times,
lest they spill the Jacobean beans, and Blood’s final cry be
emitted in prayer upon the citizens-viewed scaffold;
drawn & quartered his body dragged through
England’s capital; his head on a spike for vile
scavenger birds to pluck out his greed-filled eyes…
Consider this: his everwhile pal King James I – or II? –
endowed his Captain with forgiveness and bonhomie;
no hideous end, but continuity of the said Blood line
through the centuries to my own – mere wordsmith”

[ all of this is baloney/blarney in terms of historical reference: Colonel Thomas Blood stole some of the Crown Jewels in 1671 during the reign of Charles II; he was pardoned: perhaps for his sheer bravado – or because Charles II himself needed to top up his royal coffers…  The bloodline reference is true, but the family story was relayed as that of a Captain,friend of King James – with no word of his Roundhead & Cromwell allegiances… My own name was taken to match that of my ancestors, the Anglo-Irish Nuttall-Smiths ]

© Luc(e) Raesmith




Grow : Wellbeing in Nature…



For eight weeks – from August to October – I had the incredible privilege of participating on a course of consecutive Thursdays spent in beautiful South Downs countryside.  It was the twentieth ‘season’ of the Grow Project’s wellbeing in Nature courses, known affectionately by all as Grow20.  This highly-effective immersion in ‘the green’ was hugely beneficial for my mental health; as a person with Asperger Syndrome, being out in the expansive space made relating with others much easier.

These courses have been funded and supported by several partner organisations: the National Trust, University of Brighton,  South Downs National Park Authority, the City’s Council – and Big Lottery Fund.  They are based at National Trust-owned Saddlescombe Farm and facilitated by Grow’s paid and volunteer workers, by NT rangers and the tenant sheep farmers, Camilla & Roly: on the farm, in the garden and orchard; out and about on the Downs; in community gardens in Brighton & Hove, including at Stanmer Park Organics – and also most-ably facilitated by all in the sharing of ‘potluck’ food together!

I hope that the fotomosaic images in the slideshow below, and the writings – that formed a part of my eight weeks’ journalling – will give a flavour of this special ‘season’ and the en-joy-ment that it brought to all…

Henrietta begat Coriander:
Pet Lambs Acrostic
SddlscmbSheepinPen0917Hay bales
Nettles sting
Russet/carrot salad
Intention cards
Ewe’s udder
Testing teats…
Tractors: great & small
“Away!” sheepdog call

Barn owl pellet
English mutton/lamb
Garden picnic
Trolley stops-in-van

Cocoa ‘n’ date treat
Orange nasturtiums
Roly’s & Freddie’s farm
Intelligent creatures
Ant on to-do card
New ‘clan’ buddies
Dew pond photo
Edible flowers
Roof chorus grouse
[No! they were guinea fowl…]

(and, if I remember rightly, Henrietta was grandmother sheep to lamb, Coriander)

After an afternoon of ‘hurricane season’ cloud-watching on the Downs, I spent a week writing a haiku per day – based on that afternoon and the weather outside my east Brighton windows…

Weather Consciousness Haikus


not-so-Andy-Goldsworthy wild art ‘Dungmobile’ – it moves with the wind!

Cloudscape bonanza:
Sun hat off and rain hood up;
Beech trees umbrella.

Blue-shirted school boys’
Astro-turf footie tempered
By the cloudless sky…

Breeze whips cumulous
Away and lends the laundry
Wrinkles with sun scents

Dull platinum sky
Spits and ripples the rust-like
Algae’d stone bird bath

Grey, mild, but drizzling:
Weather brings down my spirit
Along with the leaves.

Autumn in the air:
Bring out the long socks, long sleeves;
Relish wardrobe shift!

Oh, cheer! Sun seeps through:
Blanket grey’s blue-broken;
Bird bath water’s warmed.

(more haikus – one per day over a month for NaPoWriMo 2014 – can be seen on my ‘sibling’ blog site: OTTP Haiku City)

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Sadly, due to funding cuts, Grow21 season, due this winter, had to be cancelled.  I will now be volunteering assistance to fundraise for this very worthwhile project;  the Grow Project invites donations from any source – and it’s possible to watch their beautifully hand-painted, research evaluation animation – “nature-based intervention for mental health” – to understand the benefits of such courses and group days spent in the ‘great outdoors’.  To donate, visit Grow’s Facebook page