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Photo’d HisHerstory : Potted History Pt 2…



Here appears the second part of my #fonefotolove photo journalling ‘hisherstory’ in #fotomosaic_grid format.  (Pt 1 can be seen via this link)

LRs ‘Dead Bulb Chandeliers’ incorporating phone case Mini Artworks

Tagged #neuroDV_fotoart on my Instagram page, I recognise and embrace my Aspie attention to the visual detail of my days – now encapsulated/digitalised into 15, 18 and 21-photo-image screenshots with my upgrade to a Samsung smartphone in 2014.

As I write this, I have now accumulated over 45,000 images in the past 8 years – and few of these are repeat shots of a single item or vista… Categorising these into folders on my phone, and then albums within iPhoto folders, is a creative / necessary / obsessive / satisfying / surprising – and survival activity for me…

These #fotomosaic_grids below represent the best of the Samsung Galaxy 3 screenshots from a variety of categories: Brighton Exteriors & Interiors, Edibles & Eateries, Exhibitions & Events, Flora, Holidays, Luc (LRs) Artworks, Others’ Art & Images, SelfieReflections, Shopfronts, Skyscapes, etc.




View the #photoabstract  &/or  #accidentalart images as slideshow below




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