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Adieu HaikuCity, Adieu…


‘my’ NaPoWriMo 2014 – 30 consecutive days of journalistic proem-writing – comes to a close tonight with a textile arts 17-syllable haiku at the Off The Trolley Productions ‘satellite’ blog: ‎

Here are some of the fone foto images that accompanied the 30 haikus…



Homage to Urban Trees…


The stunning forms of spring-turning urban trees have caught my attention throughout March as I have looked up to bud&blossom against sun-blue skies – after weeks of stormy cloudscapes.

Protected elm trees in Brighton & Hove have been the theme today for my first of thirty 17-syllable-haikus to be posted daily throughout April – the US National Poetry Writing month – on this new Off The Trolley Productions blog page:





Homage to SE & SW Coastal Travel…



Now that I live in Brighton & Hove, I find myself at least once a month taking the bus out of the city to Saltdean, for some therapeutic bodywork.  The bus route follows the coast eastward from the Pier, alongside the promenade out to Brighton Marina, mooring harbour for both millionaire yachts and working fishing boats. Then onward, the sea ever in view, through Rottingdean: pebble-dashed Sussex village, once home to poet-novelist, Rudyard Kipling and Pre-Raphaelite artist, Edward Burne-Jones.  Saltdean is the next seaside town with its art deco swimming Lido and restyled Thirties apartment buildings.


Three years ago, living in Devon my coastal travel took me, once a month, on the train from Totnes to Taunton in Somerset; I was travelling to the female-towards-male support group for the South West, like other Trans persons coming up from Cornwall or down from Bristol or Wales.  This train journey ran alongside the Teign and Exe estuaries in Devon – and the sea between – on the now-famed railway line that collapsed at Dawlish during the February storms.

Seeing that the beautiful coastal stretch of that rail line may now be quite defunct, I am delighted that I spontaneously captured it on mobile camera in June 2013 (returning home to the South East) when I found myself at an open train door window whilst waiting for the loo to become vacant! Here now – for posterity – is my fotovideo of that coastal travel:



Five-seconds-of-Fame Mini Street Art…


And now for something comparatively different…


Some of the orginal OTTProductions: Fridge Art Magnet Examples demanded their own 5 seconds’ infamy as miniature street art installations away from the safety of their galley kitchen metal cabinet home…

[at varied heart-felt-yet-soul-less residential and commercial street locations about Brighton & Hove city]

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Come back home to rebond (and share your charismatic magnetism) with your plastic peg pals and rubber glove buddies, we say… Fame is not all it’s cracked-up to be – just be the F.A.M.E. that you are…