Treacherous Vengeful Calorific Imaginings…


May the words – and images – speak for themselves and do what they will with you…

What’s for Afters?

Revenge is sweet,
they say..
But it was Karma Mousse
put ‘sweet’ on the menu.
Mess with this mousse
and you’ll be choosing
Comeuppance Pie for afters
at the next sitting.

What goes around comes around
you say..
So it is with a Lazy Susan
at your table.
The What-You-Sow-You-Reap Tart
is always served this way.
(Just remember:
tart means not-so-sweet..)

The proof will be in the pudding,
I say..
A drop of retribution makes
the Get-You-Back Gateau special:
you’ll get back what you put in!
That’s the spirit.

And these – some say –
are just desserts..

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The Fattening

She fed me soup and lies.
She baked such porkies
in her knife-edged pies.

I repaid the betrayals
with treacheries: syrup-laden,
golden.  Tate & Lyle’s.

Humiliation she packed
in my lunch box
beside a bruising apple.

My curses I coated
with dark chocolate –
topped with violets.

We grew fat on menace.

The surgeon-lawyer,
the midwife-vicar,
both advocated
a tea-and-sympathy

©  Luc(e) Raesmith

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