I was really chuffed when I read an article by a Big Issue vendor, in a recent South East issue, which was about their Christmas. Like me they had recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and having this knowledge had changed their attitude to their mental health and life struggles, and because of it they were now freely enjoying photographing fashion as featured in shop windows. I could relate well to this story, plus capturing shopfronts is one of my favoured ‘phablet snapoholism’ acts and certainly helps for coping with the extremes of the festive season – which has often been a trigger time for my own mental health to go out of balance/off kilter…

So, here is this year’s mood-swing-saving snappery from the last 35 days spent between Brighton-London-Devon-&-back-to-Hove… Hooray for the Light(s): skyscaped; faith-full; battery’d LED; post-Solstice; good-ol’-leccy; and for the promise of the Happily-New Era’s…

some snatches of phablet chat to accompany the Y2Y images…

‘…I’m on the bus, Ma….might…..luv u….luv u….’

‘Hello…hello?….is that Ladies That Do?….Yes, just a small one, about 40….No, Hove Actually…’

‘Holy O most, dude….so like you are totally getting the green wheels AND the halo?…. AWEsome…’

‘…I’m just turning into Tesco now…so shall I get the New York cheesecake, or just the Philadelphia?…’

‘No, I had a rubbish Yuletide…well no, I meant it literally…but that’s what recycling is all about…’

‘I am so like going to be on my timeline, yeah, coz that’s like what Christmas is so about, yeah?…’

‘Yes, well, you say that about Coxes and Braeburns, but I’m saying that only one Shloer a year, well, that could keep the doctor near…’

‘It was as though baby Jesus just  wasn’t there; only his aluminium swaddling bands were left: all scrunched up and lying in the woolly manger…’

‘You’re such a virgin…it  may be party party, but it’s still about safer sex…’

‘I can’t possibly have a reindeer that’s less than 56% Fairtrade cocoa content…I don’t care if it is the Belgian Blitzen mould…’

‘…and remember, a Dino is for Eras, not just for Yuletide…’

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