Queer in Brighton & Elsewhere…



‘Queer in Brighton’, a book of lesbian, gay, bi  & Trans* queer creative writing, excerpts of oral his-her-their-stories and  ‘not going shopping’ photography images, was launched on 26th February at Brighton&Hove’s Jubilee Library after its 18month-long gestation.  See…



https://offthetrolleyproductions.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/acronyms-can-be-subhumane/ (an earlier post re my participation in the ‘not going shopping’ photography project)

Before there was being resident (queer) in Brighton and off-on-holiday in Devon, there was (my being queer) living in Devon – but off-on-holiday in Brighton (& London): all captured in the photo-journalling (including out-going-shopping) that started on a modest Nokia fonecamera back in April 2010, putting written diary-journalling on the back burner after 40something-long years…

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